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  • Amnesty International blasts Facebook, Google as human rights abusers November 21, 2019
    It says the two most dominant internet corporations should be compelled to abandon what it calls their surveillance-based business model, saying it is “predicated on human rights abuse.”
  • Google to limit targeting of political ads November 21, 2019
    ASSOCIATED PRESS SAN FRANCISCO — Google is making political ads harder to target at specific types of people. The company says that as of January, advertisers will only be able to target U.S. political ads based on broad categories such as gender, age and postal code.
  • UPDATE 2-Google changes election ads policy to limit targeting November 21, 2019
    Alphabet Inc's Google will stop giving advertisers the ability to target election ads using data such as public voter records and general political affiliations, the company said in a blog post on Wednesday. The move comes at a time when social media platforms are under pressure over their handling of political advertising ahead of the […]
  • BlackBerry QNX Technology to Power Arrival's Commercial EVs November 20, 2019
    BlackBerry (BB) plans to license its BlackBerry QNX technology, including its cutting-edge QNX SDP 7.0 real-time operating system, to Arrival.
  • Booking Holdings and Expedia in Arms Race to Deliver the Connected Trip November 20, 2019
    High-stake online travel agency competition used to merely revolve around how many tens of thousands of hotels, or homes and apartments each company added to its ranks during the previous quarter, and those milestones are still very much in play. But lately a new and somewhat more esoteric flashpoint has emerged, namely the connected trip. […]
  • North Shore manufacturing gets boost from GE, Baker administration November 20, 2019
    Advanced manufacturing jobs in the state are going unfilled, because there aren’t enough trained workers, according to Gov. Charlie Baker's housing and economic development chief, Michael Kennealy.
  • Ex-JPMorgan Trader Convicted for Helping Rig Currency Market November 20, 2019
    (Bloomberg) -- A former JPMorgan Chase & Co. banker was convicted of conspiring with traders at other banks to rig bids and fix prices in currency markets -- a victory for prosecutors in their campaign against collusion in foreign exchange.A federal jury in New York on Wednesday took less than four hours to find Akshay […]
  • US Indexes Close Lower Wednesday November 20, 2019
    S&P; 500 down 0.38% Continue reading...
  • FCC Spectrum Proposal Spotlights Automaker Technological Divide November 20, 2019
    (Bloomberg) -- U.S. Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai proposed reallocating to mobile devices airwaves long assigned to vehicle safety while preserving some of the spectrum for carmakers planning to deploy new technology.“We want to move on from something we’ve tried for a long time that wasn’t working, and open the door to new and […]
  • Is Google Stadia the Future of Gaming? November 20, 2019
    Or will it go the way of Google Glass?
  • U.S. lawmakers question Google about collection of health records November 20, 2019
    U.S. Presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren along with fellow Senators Richard Blumenthal and Bill Cassidy wrote a letter to Alphabet's Google on Wednesday to raise questions about its access to the health records of tens of millions of Americans. Warren and Blumenthal, who are Democrats, along with Cassidy, a Republican, were focussed on a business partnership […]
  • Markets Run Up Against the Trade Marathon Wall November 20, 2019
    (Bloomberg Opinion) -- The Boston Marathon’s “Heartbreak Hill” has a reputation as the breaking point for many runners. Climbing about 100 feet over less than half a mile, the incline is not particularly steep by marathon standards. The issue is that it comes late in the race, just after mile 20 with the finish line […]
  • The Best Defense Stocks For Today — And The Future November 20, 2019
    The best defense stocks have long-term programs as well as footholds in key emerging priorities for the Pentagon and U.S. allies around the world.
  • Central Florida space programs to face more scrutiny after NASA audit November 20, 2019
    The Nov. 14 report by the NASA Office of Inspector General highlighted the delays in spacecraft development by both Boeing and Hawthorne, California-based SpaceX as part of NASA’s Commercial Crew Program.
  • GE Poised To Win Big Engine Deal As Emirates Inks Boeing 787 Order At Dubai Airshow November 20, 2019
    Emirates is reportedly leaning towards General Electric engines for its Boeing 787 Dreamliner order as rival Rolls-Royce faces delays.
  • Airbus’ newest idea is from the birds November 20, 2019
    Airbus' new "fello'fly" program touts potential fuel savings of up to 10 percent that would significantly cut emissions on every trip.
  • American flight attendants union changes course, considers suing Boeing November 20, 2019
    The decision comes days after the APFA president said the union wouldn't pursue litigation against Boeing.
  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has skills to build Airbus wings: CEO November 20, 2019
    Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd is confident that it has the technical and production know-how to build high-tech wings for Airbus SE jetliners, the chief executive of the Japanese conglomerate said on Wednesday. MHI developed sophisticated production processes at its facility in Nagoya in the process of building wings for the Boeing Co 787 Dreamliner, Chief […]
  • Streaming Cools Off and Gaming Warms Up November 20, 2019
    Let's review. Disney+ is killing it and the video game field is about to get more muddy. We've made some smart moves, let's predict the future.


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